Richard Green

Aspiring Software Engineer



I'm a recent Computer Science graduate interested in full stack web development and currently exploring opportunities as a software engineer. I primarily work with Python and Javascript, but also have experience with Java and PHP.

Previously, I spent 10 years living in the Philippines specializing in outsourced project management and consulting. During that time, I helped grow and manage a software development company that serviced hundreds of local and international clients.

During the pandemic, I discovered live streaming platforms as a unique way to connect and interact with a global community of people with shared interests. I decided to experiment with setting up my own variety streaming channel. Later, I was invited to join the Twitch Affiliate Program and enjoy doing live coding, casual gaming, and occasional IRL streams in my spare time.

Contact Me

Feel free to reach out if you want to learn more about how we can work together on your next development project.

I'm also available to provide consulting on how the Philippines outsourcing market can help you grow your business.